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Jenin Refugee Camp Photos

Touring Exhibition organized by the Palestinian and Humanities and Arts Now in the USA 2003 -new





FUN DAY AT THE BEACH OF GAZA ORGANIZED BY CIDA (Canadian International Development Assistance) to ease the suffering of Palestinian kids are going through.











Photographer's Statement

Though, they were photographed in the current Intifada, these photos hardly show the miserable conditions these kids are living in their everyday life. On the contrary, sometimes you feel as if they were done in a different place and time. One might get confused because the viewer will attribute what he sees to what he knows – the tragic reality of Palestinian children. Too many photos of miserable conditions are out there. I thought of introducing a new positive approach that might talk better to people's hearts. By any means when the shutter of my camera clicked, the light of these children registered on the sheets of my film with a face, a smile, and a presence that embraced and celebrated life. This is how life should normally be for children anywhere in the world. But we all know that such is not the case in this particular part of the world.