How to Properly Move a Piano

It’s very hard to move a piano. That’s why you may want to think about hiring a professional piano moving company to do the job before you try to do it on your own. This is especially true if you’ve got to move the piano into an elevator, downstairs, or have tight areas to navigate.

Pianos are awkward and heavy. They are also extremely valuable. Furthermore, you might cause damage to your back and your house.

If you really don’t want to hire Piano movers DFW, here are a couple of tips that you need to follow to guarantee safety:

Wrap the Instrument

You can wrap the instrument with padding or blankets. You’ve got to ensure the corners are secure and protected. You can use packing tape to secure the blanket as well. However, you’ve got to ensure that the tape isn’t touching the surface of the piano.

You’ve got to ensure that the padding or blanket is thick enough that it will protect the piano from any bumps that may happen.

Protect the Keyboard

Closing and locking the keyboard lid is the first step in moving a piano. This will stop it from opening while you move the instrument. You have to protect the keys since they are extremely delicate.

Whenever you wrap the piano, you have to ensure that the lid is closed. This is particularly true if the lid doesn’t lock. You should not use tape to lock the lid since it will damage the surface of the piano.

Have the Right Tools

Buy or rent heavy-duty straps that will offer a better hold on the piano itself. Aside from that, you’ll need a furniture dolly that can support the piano’s weight. You can also use straps to protect the piano while moving it with the dolly.

You can also talk to a moving supply center or a moving truck rental agency if you have doubts in your mind. They will recommend the correct equipment to use and make recommendations depending on the kind of piano you want to move.

Furthermore, you will have to buy or rent moving blankets or padding to protect the surface of the piano. This will help protect the walls from scrapes and cracks as well.

Ask for Help

Keep in mind that pianos are awkward, aside from being heavy. Upright pianos have fragile feet and legs and they carry all their weight in the upper part. Thus, you will require a couple of people to help.

To safely and properly move a piano, you need to at least have 4 people with you. This is an ideal chance to call in favors from family and friends. You’ve got to ensure you provide them something for their effort and time, even if it is a simple dinner.

Tune the Piano

You will have to tune the piano every time you move it. Though they’re heavy and solid, the components inside the upright piano are fragile and sensitive. An expert tuner can make your piano sound excellent again.

Perks of Hiring a Property Management Company

Once you employ a certified property manager, you could increase a great amount to your investments in rental properties. Because of this, a lot of experienced investors of real estate approve that collaborating with a trusted and skilled management company is the greatest thing to do. Below are some of the perks you will get if you work with a good real estate management company: 

High-quality tenants 

Screening of tenants could be tedious work. Once you don’t have enough experience in the industry of real estate, you may wind up selecting a bad tenant. The major issue with incompetent tenants is that it could be pretty challenging to force them to leave your premises. Great property management companies have a verified and reliable screening process that aids them in choosing the tenants who will cause fewer problems, reduce the property’s wear and tear, pay rent on time and will rent the property for a long time. 

Less legal issues 

Skilled landlords already know that having one bad tenant can make a great deal of legal and financial headaches. A professional property management company is equipped with plenty of knowledge and experiences. Hence, it can help you be protected from the possible vulnerabilities and lawsuits. Aside from that, you will get the federal law that will handle the aspects below: 

  • Handling and collecting security and rent deposits 
  • Terminating and signing leases 
  • Unit inspections 
  • Tenant evictions 
  • Safety and property conditions 
  • Screening tenants 

Once you prevent one lawsuit by employing a specialist, the money you have saved will more than enough to pay the fees of the property management company and you won’t be wasting your energy and time anymore. 

Shorter vacancy periods 

An expert property manager can assist you in terms of handling the tasks below that stops your properties from keeping vacant for long durations: 

  • Determining the best rate for rent 
  • If you set the rent for too high, it might be difficult to look for a tenant. While, if it’s too low, you could be losing money each month. Because of this, it is really important to know the accurate price. For you to do this, you must know about the local real estate market, access to professional tools for rental rate, and data on similar units.  
  • Prepare the properties for rent 
  • Property management companies exactly know what improvements should be done to your units to make the most out of your revenue and to make your home more attractive. 

Lower maintenance and repair costs 

Tenants will always be happy once you give them great maintenance. Not only that, once you do this, you can preserve your asset’s value. By employing a property manager, you’ll be able to access to a network of contractors that are bonded, insured and licensed, which means that you’ll be getting professional maintenance. These contractors are skilled, produce quality work and trustworthy with the most reasonable rates.  

To know more about property management topics, just keep on reading our articles that can be found on our website. 

How to Choose the Best Concrete Contractors

Stamped concrete must be one of the most popular and fast-growing trends for pool decks and patios, but it needs special skills, training, and equipment. So, do you want your entrance, patio, or walkway to get all spruced up?  

Stamped concrete is believed to be the more economical decorative option than many other tough materials such as natural stones and bricks. It is installed as traditional concrete, although it can look like a brick, slate, wood or any other materials. Textures and designs are added soon after concrete installation. You can also apply colors to enhance its appearance.  

Stamped concrete installation is a meticulous process that entails specific expertise and resources. The designs and effects are applied by concrete contractors while the cement is wet. This is why it is a complex task that involves a lot of planning, including predicting the direction of the wind. The contractors should also pour the cement strategically so that it can be stamped without interfering with any section that is close by.  

Stamped Concrete Installation  

Many concrete contractors claim that stamped concrete is an imperfect operation. As such, homeowners can expect a bit of texture and color issues over time, as well as some other minor variances. But it shouldn’t have large, splitting cracks or deep indentations to keep rainwater from draining properly.  

If you’re thinking of installing stamped concrete in your home, read through these suggestions first. Remember to hire only the most qualified concrete contractors to work on your outdoor patio for the best results. Follow all these tips and you’ll end up with the best concrete contractors in Milpitas

1. Find a highly skilled concrete contractor. 

The concrete contractor that you should employ must be knowledgeable in such a type of concrete installation work. As such, he must have undergone all the training needed and the tools required for the project. Ask them about their decorative concrete installation experience. 

2. Ask for references. 

Request for the contractor to provide you with several of their previous customers’ addresses. Know more about their work. Talk to the homeowner whom they did work done to see how they went about the job. It’s best that you contact somebody whom they served at least two years ago. Also, you have to check their reviews. The reviews of the concrete contractor you’ll hire always counts.  

3. Find out more about their qualifications.  

Examine the company’s concrete stamping qualifications. Some federal or local commercial licenses are required for this kind of work. They may also go under the categories of home improvement, house repair, and concrete pouring. Verify that the concrete contractor is being covered by bonds and insurances.  

4. Evaluate their craftsmanship.  

What design ideas do you have for your patio or driveway? Offer a rundown of what you think to specific contractors. Give them as many details as you can, then hear about their ideas on how to execute that project. The ones that you hire must be able to create the ideal patio that you envisioned.   

5. Request more details about the project.  

When talking to a concrete contractor, don’t forget to ask the rates of the other services that may be required to do the job. This involves removing existing concrete and base preparation. You should also ask about concrete thickness, cost, and time schedules. You should also know if they provide a warranty on their job.  

Quick Facts About Tailoring

The practice of preparation, cutting, assembly and completion of clothing is called tailoring. The word tailor is derived from the French language, which in the 14th-century word originated from the English language. The Latin term tailor refers to sartor, which means patcher or master. In English, it means sartorial or the equivalent of custom clothes. The term tailoring describes clothes made for a specific customer to fit.   

In fashion history, tailoring takes place in Europe’s leading cities in the early Middle Ages. The tradition was started by the linen armorers who cleverly fitted warriors with linen underwear to keep chains and their clothing from being chain-chaffed. At that time, a tunic and a badly fitted pipe were used in men’s clothes.  

Short History of Tailoring  

Tailors create different types of outer garments, including capes, cloaks, dresses, doublings, and breeches during the seventeenth and seventeenth centuries. They come from heavy, rigid linen and linen for connecting the structural elements, including horse’s hairs and even whalebone stiff cartons.  

Imperfect or asymmetric body patterns might be paired with padding of linen or cotton. Some satins or fur-coated luxury garments are also created to provide warmth to the wearer. Tailors were like structural engineers who made whalebones or corsets until the 19th century.  

Tailoring in the 19th Century 

For girls, women, and children, they made relatively unformed underwear and tops. Men’s dresses, trending waistcoats, and various sportswear collections were launched by the tailors of the 19th century. Special attention was paid to the works involving woolen fabrics which are shaped and carved using heavy metal and steam.  

Menswear used wool for a long time as a regular material. At the beginning of the 19th century, wool became very popular when connoting masculinity, soberness, and nationalism in the United Kingdom, replacing almost entirely the silks and veils used in the last century. At the same time, people started wearing pants and could wear denim or skirts in the evening by the 1820s. Though no longer further made, women’s riding corsets and walking costumes were designed and constructed from the same textiles as men’s clothing and remained a tailor’s masterpiece. 

Do You Need a Tailor? 

Simply put, tailors can make your clothes fit perfectly. These are the professionals whom you want to consult with if you want the perfect clothes for the perfect event. There are many tailors providing services today, and each of them has their own specialties. 

When hiring tailors, be sure that you consult with the one that can understand your sense of style and fashion. Couturiers are everywhere and their works are specific to a certain demographic. Be sure that you do some research first before you seek the service of these professionals. Like any other service, you must find that perfect match in order to get the best possible results. In case you require specialized Southeast Asian clothes or costumes for your next event, set up a consultation session with the Hoi An tailors. They can make your fashion visions a reality.