One vital component of your home is your flooring. Given the various types of flooring available, selecting the best flooring for your home takes a lot of time. Almost every single type of flooring is simple to maintain. However, to make them always look new, you have to clean them.  

Different types of flooring require a different way of cleaning. The reason for this is that several types are simpler to clean, unlike the others. You have to maintain your flooring from time to time in order to make sure your flooring makes your home look better. 

Here are several tips that you can follow to clean your flooring in Avenel. 

Cleaning a Wooden Floor 

Hardwood flooring isn’t simple to maintain compared to other forms of flooring options. However, it can stay new for a long period of time and no damage will be done to your flooring if it is regularly cleaned. Simply vacuum your floor if you want it to shine. After that, use a dry wax application to apply liquid floor cleaner over it. This will provide your wooden floor a polished look. Do this regularly to keep your floor looking new for a long period of time.  

Cleaning a Vinyl Floor 

Nowadays, you can buy vinyl flooring in a lot of forms. The vinyl tiles and the vinyl planks are the most common forms of vinyl flooring. They are extremely simple to clean and maintain. Furthermore, they don’t take much time when cleaning. You can clean the floor with the use of a wet cloth if you’ve accidentally spilled something on the floor.  

To make sure that the flooring doesn’t get spoiled, you have to ensure that you utilize a neutral floor cleaner while cleaning the floor, you should not utilize an abrasive one. You should mop the floor again and use a solution of water and white vinegar if you can see streaks on the floor after moping.  

Keep in mind that you should not directly pour water over the floor. If you do, it would loosen the adhesive. It will also improve the possibilities of floor damage.  

Cleaning Porcelain or Ceramic Floor 

The simplest to maintain and clean is a porcelain or ceramic tile. All you’ve got to do is wipe it with the use of a wet cloth if you have accidentally spilled over the floor. It is just like with your vinyl flooring. 

Whenever you clean the floor, it is best to use a neutral floor cleaner. You can also use any type of mop in cleaning the floor. However, the string mop is probably the best mop that you can use.  

You should also make sure that the grout lines between the tiles are also properly cleaned. You have to ensure nothing is stuck between the grout lines if you want it to look like new.  

To prevent scratching the glaze of the tile, you should not utilize abrasive cleaner.  

If you don’t have time cleaning your floor, you can always hire a professional to help you.