Nowadays, artificial grass became more versatile and flexible in every way. Thus, if you want to know what surface best suits artificial grass to be installed on, we have listed below some of the information you can take. To put it short, you can actually place it anywhere. With that, there are a few things you must know about various kinds of surfaces because how the installers will set up artificial grass will rely on where and how you are planning to use it. Of course, expert installation should be done if you want to have it for a longer-term. Here are some places you can consider to place artificial turf/artificial grass: 

On the ground 

The most apparent place where you can place artificial grass in on the soil. After all, synthetic turf is usually used for lawns, playgrounds, and sports fields. Though sports fields are commonly leveled, recreational areas and lawns might display undulating terrain. For artificial grass, that might not be an issue since our expert installation staff utilizes several approaches to prepare your ground. Moreover, it can also be placed on steeper surfaces to assist in stopping erosion.  

Over hardscapes 

If you are sick of keeping up with your deck, you can conceal it over using artificial turf instead. That would entirely change the appearance of your deck. Also, it could be used to emphasize other wooden surfaces, like built-in landscape seating and picnic benches. However, you need to make sure to seal the wood first. This helps so that the moisture that will flow through your grass could simply run off. 

Bricks and pavers 

Artificial grasses could be installed over surfaces like pavers and bricks as well. Professionals commonly recommend installing thin padding underneath the synthetic grass since they are usually uneven. You can also leave pavers or bricks in place to provide a great walkway treatment. However, make sure to frame or intersperse them using synthetic grass or strips.  

Concrete surface 

Indeed, synthetic grass is softer, prettier, and won’t be prone to breaking into chunks or cracking. Hence, it’ is the ideal cover-up for walkways, pool surrounds, or patios that look boring and unappealing. Adhesives are used to install synthetic grass on concrete and other similar kinds of surfaces.  

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