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A New Gift from Palestine


  Palestine +  
  "Sitting at the table looking at my images, I felt an urge to make some of my images live longer. A new project idea was born; exhibiting in small boxes where each time I will focus on a different theme"

"Palestine +" proudly inaugurates the first in its series with "Life is Splendid".


  Life is Splendid  
  "Standing on a street in Bethlehem, my eyes caught a charming girl sitting in a bus. She had a smile, a face and a presence that embraced and celebrated life. I ran to her, and asked her not to move..."  

These are photos of  Palestinian children in the West Bank & Gaza that were taken during the current Intifada. Looking at them, it is as if they were taken in a different place and at a different time. Their spirit transcends reality.

  Each box contains 10 different unique images. The cost / box is 100 NIS  
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Askadinya Restaurant  - Tel   02 - 5324590

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Vice - Versa  24 Agron Street  Tel  02 - 6244412


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Pronto RestoCafe  Al Rashid Street  Tel  02 2987312



Al Deira Hotel  Tel  08 - 2838100

French Cultural Center  Victor Hugo Street  Ar0Rimal  Tel  08 - 2867883


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